2017 Family Choice Award: Gold

"The Family Choice Awards recognizes the best products, services and resources for all members of a family... This award program, now in its 19th year, is one of the most coveted, family friendly consumer awards program in the nation."

"The 'Family Choice Awards' recognize the best in children's and parenting resources. Now in it's 19th year, the 'Family Choice Award' is one of the most coveted, family friendly consumer award programs in the nation. These awards serve as our recommendation of these winning products to families across America. 
We want to convey our gratitude and recognition to these winners for providing extraordinary products that makes a positive difference in the lives of our families." 

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2015 Living Now EverGreen Book Award: Personal Growth:

Medals to commemorate world-changing books published since the year 2000. We all seek healthier, more fulfilling lives for ourselves and for the planet, and books are important tools for gaining knowledge about how to achieve these goals for ourselves, our loved ones, and for Planet Earth. Divided into five categories, these books are honored for their contributions to positive global change.


BRONZE: Autism: A Dad’s Journey, by Luis M. Bayardo (Mercury HeartLink)  

"That is one of the problems with autism. The children look so normal that people cannot accept that anything is wrong with them. Autistic people are discriminated against because they don't have any features that scream special needs. Because of that, people have no patience with them and just assume that their behaviors are faked and done on purpose to get out of work or to bother others."


"A father of two autistic boys pulls back the curtain and provides the reader with vivid and painfully realistic descriptions of his family’s heartbreaking struggles. This father’s struggles in the marriage, as well as the frustration of having to neglect his two daughters just to meet the basic needs his boys required, capture a none-solvable daily reality. 

This is a must read for not only all parents with an autistic or otherwise disabled child, but also a must read for all relatives, friends and neighbors who know a family with an autistic child. Because I gained many invaluable insights (despite having treating brain-injured individuals for over 30 years), I urge my colleagues to read this book. "

--Ronald Ruff, PhD Clinical Professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of California, San Francisco


“Luis Bayardo chronicles his life raising two sons with autism. His writing reflects honesty and humor, as well as insights into understanding the behaviors of his sons. Mr. Bayardo addresses personal, deeper disappointments, there will never be “Friday Night Lights” and explores the strains placed on his marriage, and his daughters. He balances this reality with gratitude and a poignancy of committing to a life long journey with his sons. 

This is a must read for any family raising a child with autism, as it is with any therapist working with a child or family caring for someone with special needs. This book reflects hope... as well as provides helpful strategies, and suggestions for when and how different therapies can be utilized. 

I highly recommend this book, it most certainly deserves a place on library shelves, Center for Disabilities shelves and on the desks of clinicians.”   

--Lisa Harvey, LPCC, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor


"Parenting children with ASD is indeed a Journey. With openness and honesty Luis takes us along on his. As a parent of children on the spectrum I see my journey paralleled and validated in what he has written.  Hearing his story has helped me to frame the challenges I daily experience and keep them in perspective. It is a wonderful peek into what it is like to be a dad to children with ASD – the highs, the lows and the often hilarious joys. This book can be a great resource for not only dads, but also family members and friends of persons on the spectrum to better understand the Journey." 

--Phil Kahle, Father of two autistic children